Sex Rules For Couples In Relationships

Being in a committed relationship requires love, dedication and work. Besides these things, there are many others to consider. But some of the most important are communication, intimacy and sex. Unfortunately, most partnerships typically go downhill on that department as time passes by. No matter how great your unison is, eventually there will be a time when things get rough. In order to make sure that the fire stays on, there are some things to consider. To avoid these problems, relationship experts offer tips you can use. These sex rules for couples in relationships are an excellent way to keep the passion burning.

AvoidComparing Your Sex Life

It is very common for couples to compare their sex lives woes to other people they know. The only thing that comes from comparing is either finding yourself or partner better or worse. Great relationships are not just about how often you have sex. Instead, it is about how you can talk about it and make changes accordingly to help the relationship long-term.

Refrain From Criticism

Most relationships fall into problems because of constant criticism of one another. As time goes by, the critique gets worse and more constant. The other person being judged will feel he or she is being attacked. If you must criticize something, keep it short and be polite.

Emphasize On Your Partner’s Turn-ons

Too many couples tend to focus on what turns them off about their partner rather than on. Relationship experts agree that the best way to keep the sex life going is by focusing on your mate’s turn-ons. Remember what it was about him or her that attracted you in the first place.

Have Weekly Sex

Couples who engage in sex a least once a week receive more benefits than those who do not. There are health and emotional gains from making love on a weekly basis. Try to make time to have sex with your partner at least once every week. You will both feel less stressed, happier and better about your relationship.

Make A Habit Of Being Nice

Everyone wants to be treated nice, hear compliments and know they are appreciated. The golden rule to healthy relationships is doing to your partner what you want done to yo

urself. Make it habit to say nice things to him or her daily. Positive comments and nice gestures can lift the spirits and provide support. They are also habit forming which leads to better outcomes as time goes by.

Practice Other Forms Of Sex

Everyone knows what intercourse is and how critical it is for couples. However, there are other forms of sex which can be called ‘outercourse.’ This involves things such as manually stimulating each other. There is also performing oral sex on your partner and touching the other’s private areas. This will not only spice up your relationship, it will allow you to discover what your partner likes.

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