Dating And Sex Questions To Ask Before Getting Serious

Finding the right person to spend the rest of your life or someone to get serious with is no easy task. Yet countless of people go through endless dates before they do. Others continue to search for the right person and never find them. On the other hand, perhaps they ran into them but forgot to ask them the right questions.

No matter what, when youwant to get serious with someone, there has to be compatibility between you both. Too many people find it difficult to ask a person they are dating basic questions. When it comes to more difficult or embarrassing ones, they become more hesitant. This list of following questions to ask anyone you are dating and want to get serious with are crucial.

How Do Feel About Kids?

Chances are that if you are looking to settle down with another person, you will want kids eventually. That’s why questions about whether or not the person wants to have kids, how many and so on, are important. Some people make the mistake of thinking they can change their partner’s view on this later on. However, that typically turns out to be a mistake.

Where Do You See Yourself In The Future?

This question is often asked to people who apply for employment. It is also one that you should ask someone whom you want to get serious with. Finding out where a person sees themselves in 4 to 6 years can tell you a lot about them. Their aspirations and what they expect are just some.

What’s Your Financial Status?

The following question may be a bit tricky to pose so one has to ask it delicately or correctly. Still, you will want to know where a person stands financially. Are they in debt or is their credit very bad? Asking this question for the right reasons does not make you a gold digger or someone who is only interested in money. It does prepare you for what is ahead financially with someone you want to get serious with.

What Are Your Religious Views?

Religion is a sensitive issue for many people. However, it is also one that you should know where your partner stands on. Whatever his or her views on religion are, connects with many other important social issues in life.

How Do You Feel About Sex?

Sexual relations between a couple are an integral part of every unison. Yet some people have different takes on what great sex or ideal sex is. You should know what the other person’s views and desires are about sex. Some people get involved with another person, only to find out later on, he or she hates certain things about sex.

In addition to all of these questions, you may and should touch on things such as shared bank accounts. Also, does a person feel both people should work in the relationship? Has he or she ever been in love or have they lived with another person or been married before?


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